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Myrrha Wilson by DiamondEyedGemini Myrrha Wilson :icondiamondeyedgemini:DiamondEyedGemini 5 13 Escaping the Fort by DiamondEyedGemini Escaping the Fort :icondiamondeyedgemini:DiamondEyedGemini 3 50 REDESIGN- Devouring Allen by DiamondEyedGemini REDESIGN- Devouring Allen :icondiamondeyedgemini:DiamondEyedGemini 4 17 REDESIGN- Corrupted Emma by DiamondEyedGemini REDESIGN- Corrupted Emma :icondiamondeyedgemini:DiamondEyedGemini 3 0 REDESIGN- Emma by DiamondEyedGemini REDESIGN- Emma :icondiamondeyedgemini:DiamondEyedGemini 3 1 REDESIGN The Eye Collector by DiamondEyedGemini REDESIGN The Eye Collector :icondiamondeyedgemini:DiamondEyedGemini 5 5 BBM vs Protective Father by DiamondEyedGemini BBM vs Protective Father :icondiamondeyedgemini:DiamondEyedGemini 3 32 Leriel The Bard by DiamondEyedGemini Leriel The Bard :icondiamondeyedgemini:DiamondEyedGemini 2 21 Clevara Te'Kanevu by DiamondEyedGemini Clevara Te'Kanevu :icondiamondeyedgemini:DiamondEyedGemini 3 0 Reaction to The News by DiamondEyedGemini Reaction to The News :icondiamondeyedgemini:DiamondEyedGemini 3 42 Minthra and Trivon by DiamondEyedGemini Minthra and Trivon :icondiamondeyedgemini:DiamondEyedGemini 2 19 Unfamiliar Whispers by DiamondEyedGemini Unfamiliar Whispers :icondiamondeyedgemini:DiamondEyedGemini 4 17 Mela and Kiran by DiamondEyedGemini Mela and Kiran :icondiamondeyedgemini:DiamondEyedGemini 5 21 A Wardens Bad Night by DiamondEyedGemini A Wardens Bad Night :icondiamondeyedgemini:DiamondEyedGemini 6 56 Older Leriel and Palia by DiamondEyedGemini Older Leriel and Palia :icondiamondeyedgemini:DiamondEyedGemini 5 115 Spectre Kyne and the Hanar by DiamondEyedGemini Spectre Kyne and the Hanar :icondiamondeyedgemini:DiamondEyedGemini 3 6


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Myrrha Wilson
The Eye Collector Before... I dont really know how to draw Hazel Eyes right so forgive me if the eyes look a but odd...

Myrrha is Mine
REDESIGN- Devouring Allen
Hes under construction right now dont question me about him yet >.<

He is Mine
Gotta edit them... Shes semi under construction


Creation- While Evan's Grandfather was creating the game he developed the protagonist to be female, he gave her form looks and made her the main character, he unwittingly gave her own conscious and with that confusion, she was emotionless and unwilling to move around so he edited her and eventually got her to show emotion and motivation to be a good protagonist

Re-Edited- Eventually however Emma was edited again to be very hateful and bitter to the person who controls her. The negative feelings filled her and she kept them in her until she was edited AGAIN to be fine

Used- Despite being good the corruption was inside her and she was slowly shifting as she progressed through the game until Lavender Town

Corrupted- Once Lavender Town was reached, Emma and the game glitched out and her Good Traits vanish as she now shifts to controlling the game and killing the game pokemon and characters and eventually taking physical form to kill those who played the game

Ways of Killing- Emma will at first appear as the cute protagonist bringing the player into the facade of friendship and comfortability until they reach Lavender Town. Once they do Emma will lose all her pokemon to a dark creature and the game will glitch out revealing the dark pokemon to be her Venusaur that takes control of her and uses her to kill all pokemon and video game characters and eventually coming out of her game to kill the player then make them part of her game

Targets- She WILL Kill anyone..

Strength and Weakness- Though Emma feigns her immortality, she can be erased by damaging her game cartridge, other than that being outside her game for prolonged time can weaken her and make her fade partly physical objects do not affect her, in fact they will go right through her if someone throws stuff at her also she is linked to her venusaur tulip if tulip dies she will too


Intelligence- 6/10
Strength- 5/10
Speed- 8/10
Stamina- 7/10

Loves- Killing and Torturing People, Being in Control, Playing Games,

Hates- Romantic People, Being near Water, People disliking her game, being ignored
She is Mine

Link to her true form



DiamondEyedGemini's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello. You may call me DiamondEye or Mel. I had started drawing since I was around 4 and continued at it ever since and I hope to get better.. In a way drawing was a way for me to release bottled up emotions I had. Im a difficult person to get along with. At first I may seem clingy shy or I might even seem like an aggressive and horrible Monster. But if you have the patience I will be the most loyal and best friend you've ever had (Or I'll try to be) But dont push me when im angry. Its always why Im alone or why I lack friends

One thing about me is I HATE Liars. Ive been friends with people who treated me nicely but then later would talk to our other friends about how much they cant stand me or dislike me. I cant stand Liars. And I cant stand it when friends use me like a puppet. Anyways what I draw Varies I created folders for people to see but the most it'd be so far is

- Mass Effect/ Dragon Age
- My OCs or other peoples OCs
- And maybe whatever my Friends want me to draw

Hopefully we can be Friends..

I will also ask that you do Not Bully Me or Others, Advertise YOUR Stuff on My Profile or Steal My Ideas because those things I do not Tolerate ( EVEN IF YOURE MY FRIEND)

I am also always willing to do Requests or Art Trades and Let Anyone Draw my OCs, if they ask or if they are friends of mine of course they must give me Credit for the Character of Mine they Draw.. (If I say No though then its either Im really busy or going through something so....)

Friends are always Welcome to Draw my OCs sooo.....

Another Few Things:

If I blocked you. It might be either because you give me a Creepy Vibe and make me not want to Associate with You (Or Youve made me very uncomfortable to the part where I just plain want to avoid you since Im EXTREMELY uncomfortable with you..)

You were Mean to Me, My Friends, Or Other People just because they didnt agree with you.

Or It was an Accident and Im unable to unblock you due to Wifi >.<

I think I would like to say that I am very uncomfortable with Smut Art, I just.... Freeze Up, it wouldnt be anything against the Artist its just the Content is too much for me.....

Please dont take it seriously and please dont hate me for it :<


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MinecraftFan1971 Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy (Early) Birthday
Also, wanna do the Art Challenge for your favorite OC?
I'll explain the details if you want
DiamondEyedGemini Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Boi! You could of said that tomorrow man! :0

And sure we'll talk more about it tomorrow >.<
MinecraftFan1971 Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok :3
X-Eternal-Sunrise-X Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for sharing sympathy with me dealing with that troll.

You get a llama :3 And your art style is neat and I see alot of talent in you, so a watch as well ;p

Thanks for your time, sympathy, and friendship ^^
DiamondEyedGemini Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He was disgusting and I didnt want you to be like me, I got harassed by this one troll and I was so upset I didnt realize I could end it quickly and block (Though thats when I first joined and I was unsure of how to handle being on an art site with many other people)

Thank you x3 and ooh thanks hope I dont disappoint

And you too Ill try to be the best of friends I can be >w<
X-Eternal-Sunrise-X Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ShaozChampion Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I like your gallery =3 it's really cute ^^ I look forward to seeing more from you 
DiamondEyedGemini Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh! Well thank you its a pleasure to meet you and see someone thinks that

I hope I dont disappoint xD
ShaozChampion Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Student Digital Artist
You won't X3
DiamondEyedGemini Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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